A downloadable game for Windows

Introducing Beat Breakers: a 3D rhythm-based fighting game... in SPACE!

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Beat Breakers is a rhythm fighter where you groove, move and fight your opponents to the beat. In this local multiplayer game, you're a contestant in a high stakes dance show where you literally battle each other. Players fight on the Grid, a specialized dance floor that rewards precision with extra energy for stronger attacks. Strategically outperform and crush your competition!

Based on the accuracy of your rhythm while moving and attacking, earn extra points and energy to perform stronger moves! Use a blend of ranged, melee, and special attacks to beat your opponent in a rock-paper-scissors style matchup. Win the audience over to your side by being in-sync with the beat!

  • Local multiplayer -- destroy your friends in a dance-off!
  • A full original soundtrack of catchy electronic beats!
  • Xbox 360 controller support!
  • A cast of colorful characters to choose from!

Check out our demo and let us know what you think! Feedback can be posted on our itch page or emailed to sendpiestudios@gmail.com!

Install instructions

There is a small bug where the input for player 1 will effect player 2 and vice versa. Just be prepared for this and swap crontrollers to fix the problem.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at sendpiestudios@gmail.com


Beat Breakers Greenlight Demo (42 MB)